Hans Heeren, advocaat

Hans Heeren
Mr J.A. (Hans) Heeren is a lawyer practising in Haarlem. He provides advice on health law, employment law and criminal law, and conducts proceedings for parties such as psychiatric institutions and their employees.



Why do you support this study?
Opinions on aggression in psychiatric treatment relationships vary. Should it be considered an occupational risk or seen as unacceptable behaviour? Should you report incidents? What can you expect once you decide to report an incident?

These varying views can be seen on a national level in the range of policies pursued by various institutions, in the differences in police reporting policy and in the Public Prosecution Service's prosecution policy.

The study will provide objectified information to support the debate on aggression in treatment relationships and to identify the best strategy for dealing with such aggression, which is of great importance for a proper policy on safety within institutions.