Adger Hondius (psychiater en geneesheer-directeur GGz)

Adger Hondius 
Dr A.J.K. (Adger) Hondius is a psychiatrist and medical director (Psychiatric Hospitals Compulsory Admissions Act [Bopz]) at GGz Centraal Flevo-Veluwe. He is the editor of the GGz&Recht journal and involved in various projects concerning coercion and health legislation.

Why do you support this study?
Insight into the nature and scope of aggression in psychiatry and the subsequent judicial decision-making process will result in a better safety policy in psychiatry. For care providers as well as for fellow patients. An interesting aspect is the possibility of tying in with the forensic assessment of legal accountability ('acute assessment'). For a psychiatric patient, reporting aggressive behaviour can help achieve a more equal social participation.